Thursday, April 4, 2013

Wrecked Excerpt # 2 and an ARC Giveaway!

Hey everyone! Wrecked releases in less than four weeks! Here's another excerpt, and be sure to enter below to win an ARC (Print-US/Canada or e-ARC International)!

 “Are you sure I’m not dead?” She was wearing scrubs, but there was no way I’d be lucky enough to get a nurse that looked like her. Knowing my luck, mine would be an overweight 70-year-old man.
She smiled again. “You’re not dead. You could have been. You’re very lucky.”
“Yes, I am.” I meant having her as my nurse. I think she got it because she blushed a little. It looked adorable on her pale cheeks.
“Would you like me to call your family? I wasn’t expecting you to wake up so soon. The medication wore off faster than anticipated.”
“My family? Have they been here?”
She looked at me strangely. “Of course.”
“Just my parents…”
“Your parents, and your brother and his wife.”
“Ben and Molly were here?” I was surprised they’d bother after what I did.
“I practically had to kick them out.” She looked at me for a moment before continuing. “They care about you a lot.”
“What time is it?” I couldn’t handle thinking about how pissed Ben had to be. How disappointed my parents would be. Obviously I needed to see them, but I wasn’t ready yet.
She glanced at her watch and then back to me. “It’s five-thirty a.m.”
“And you’re still working? Or did you just get here?”
“You were right the first time. I prefer working nights actually.”
“When do you think they’ll get here?” I figured she’d know I meant my family.
She fidgeted with the button on her sweater. “My guess is they’ll be here by seven.”
“Okay, that gives us an hour and a half.”
“Gives us an hour and a half for what?”
I gave her my best grin. “To get to know each other.”
“I’m glad to see you still have a sense of humor. It means you’re doing all right.”
“Who says I was joking?” I tried to wink at her, but it didn’t work. 

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  1. It is such a thrill to slip into someone else's world so that... if only for a few minutes... we can forget the chaos, the stress, the anxiety and everything else our own world has to offer. Romance Novels allow us to feel something extra special... to give us hope for our own lives!

    1. I agree completely. I love that escape. Thanks for coming by! :)

  2. It's a fun escape :) thanks for the great post !

  3. It's a great stress reliever! And love the excerpt, can't wait!

  4. I think for me it's the way two people overcome difficulties to be with each other. It's just magical.

  5. Love just getting swept up in the emotions, firsts and passion! Thanks!

  6. I'm so excited for this to come out! However, it'll be bittersweet to see the last of Clayton Falls...

  7. I love reading teen and now new adult fiction because it's so fun to get to know and understand characters that can be similar to you in different ways :)

  8. I love reading romance and action to get lost in it. and start to feel like I'm there and all the emotions the characters are feeling. I like reading and going into new worlds that authors create for us all to experence. Thanks Alyssa, for creating such great new places for us all! Good Luck to all & Happy Reading :) and all you authors Happy Writing too! :)

  9. I love reading in general. I don't know why. Maybe because it transports me someplace else, an exciting world.

  10. For me it is the escape, as well as the privilege of being able to read someone else's art. To me writing is an art, and one that I sorely lack in, so I love to get lost is other peoples!!