Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hazards Excerpt!

Hey Everyone! Hazards releases in less than a month! Here's another excerpt. I thought it was time I introduced you to Reed. :)

“We needed five girls, but it seems my friends selected six.” Reed looked right at me, and I knew something bad was coming. “Since we don’t want to send anyone home, I think I’m going to take one of you as a personal assistant for the day.”
“Juliet, how would you like that honor?”
Amanda probably expected me to curse Reed out because she answered for me. “She’d love to. But remember the guidelines.” She gave him a warning glance. I hoped the guidelines were for my benefit.
“I’ll be a perfect gentleman.” He grinned at me.
My stomach flipped. Great. I had to open my mouth—or, okay, make a noise, and now I’d be stuck spending twelve hours with baseball cap.
“The rest of you, report to Aaron.” He gestured to one of the guys from the night before.
Aaron told us where all the cleaning supplies were, and I started to follow the other girls when Reed touched my arm. “You’re with me, remember?”
“How could I forget?” Cara and Mallory gave me sympathetic looks while Reed led me away.
“What am I going to be doing exactly?”
“I thought I made that clear. You’re my assistant today.”
I put a hand on my hip. “What does that mean?”
“You’re about to find out.”
I shivered.
He laughed. “Ready for your first job?”
“It’s upstairs.”
“In my room.” He cocked an eyebrow.
“Hell no.”
“It’s not anything that exciting. Trust me.”
“It has nothing to do with removing clothes?”
“I’m afraid that would violate Amanda’s rules. But it does involve clothes.”
I tentatively followed him upstairs. He pushed open the door to a room that was a total disaster. “You’re going to find all my dirty clothes and bring them down to the laundry room.”
“Wait, you want me to do your laundry?”
“I told you it wasn't exciting.” He sprawled out on his bed, propping himself up with a pillow.
“Are you just going to watch me search for your dirty clothes?”
“Yes.” He put his hands behind his head.
“Great,” I mumbled.
“Would you rather be cleaning up down there? Do you want to have a room full of guys hollering at you while you scrub a floor?”
I turned to him. “No. I’d rather be home sleeping.”
“If you’re tired, you are welcome to join me.” He patted the bed beside him.
“Really? Oh my god, I can’t believe you’d be so generous.”
“I like you, Juliet. You’re feisty and fiery, and I just know we’re going to be good friends.”

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