Saturday, August 6, 2011


I woke up at four in the morning on Friday with an idea I just couldn't wait to write. It was a scene with Charlotte back in Energo after more than a year away. Charlotte, as usual, is full of a variety of different emotions, and is trying to come to terms with changing environments. As bleary eyed and exausted as I was, I could relate to Charlotte.

I'm no stranger to moving. Since graduating high school I've lived in three different cities and even more apartments and homes. Each move involves the unavoidable packing and unpacking, perfectly situating furniture and finding a place for way too many things. A move also requires finding a new place to write. Even when using the same computer and desk, it still feels strange to sit facing a different wall, or looking out a new window. It's been two weeks since my family moved into a new home, and I'm still getting used to the setup. With all the change, it sure feels good to be working with some familar characters.

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