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Authors Tell All: Jennifer Snyder

This week I'm excited to welcome Jennifer Snyder as my guest on Authors Tell All! She has a skinny dipping excerpt featuring Addison and Kace from Catalyst. If you love New Adult paranormal, you have to check out this new series!

Also, If this excerpt gets you in the skinny dipping mood, The Hazards of Skinny Dipping will be on sale for $0.99 in honor of Memorial Day Weekend and to celebrate the beginning of summer!

Without further ado, here's Jennifer's awesome scene! :)

"Let's do something crazy." Kace's lips grazed my earlobe as he spoke and I jumped at his sudden nearness.

"Like...?" I questioned, wiping the sleep from my eyes.

We had been lying in bed and I'd been caught in that strange place somewhere between being asleep and awake.

I rolled over from my side to my back and turned my head to look at him. In the dim light filtering in through the curtains I was able to see the mischief lighting his eyes.

"Two words...," he said and then paused for dramatic effect. "Skinny. Dipping."

I became completely awake at the mention of such a taboo topic even he had so readily labeled as crazy. Was he freaking serious?

"You’re joking, right? It's like..." I trailed off and sat up to grab my cell from on my nightstand to check the time. "Two o’clock in the morning."

Kace sat up and tossed one arm over my partly exposed legs. The skin-to-skin contact awoke my magick, causing it to rush to the surface of my skin there and clog my mind with the heady pleasure of it.

"Come on, it'll be fun," he pleaded.

Had there been an adequate amount of light shining on him with the way he was now sitting, I was positive I would have seen him making the most adorable puppy eyes at me. Thank goodness there wasn't. This allowed me to keep my composure—for at least a little while longer anyway.

"Yeah, I'm sure—until we get busted for indecent exposure or something and end up in jail. My mother would just love that phone call."

Kace laughed. I loved that sound. He smoothed his hand along my leg, sending that warmth from my magick sparking across my skin even more.

"We won't get caught, trust me," he said in that sexier than sin voice of his.

My stomach knotted at the thought of being so exposed, but I didn't want to seem like a stick in the mud either.

"Have you ever skinny dipped before?" I asked with a wide smile—one I prayed he thought was coy and not caused by nerves.

"Of course." He trailed his fingers to the hem of my boy shorts and slipped them under just a bit. "What about you?"

I felt my cheeks flush as an uncomfortably dry sensation crept up my throat. Licking my lips, I began toying with the edge of my sheet.

"You haven't, have you?" Kace asked with a slight chuckle.

I bit my bottom lip and shook my head. "No,"

"That makes it all the more fun then. Come on." He grabbed my hand and tugged me off the bed.

I giggled at the smile on his face and the excitement flashing in his eyes.

"All right, I'm coming. But," I jerked him to a stop and looked him square in the eye before I continued. "If we get caught, I will never let you live this one down."

His hands came up to cup my face and his icy blue eyes shimmered with heat. "We won't get caught...but I'm not promising we won't get caught up in each other." He flashed me a devilish smile before taking my hand and tugging me out of my bedroom even faster than before.

When we finally made it out of my house and down to the ocean's shore, I was nearly out of breath and buzzing with Kace's excited energy. The only thing illuminated by the dim light of the moon was the sand beneath my bare feet. The water was dark and the air was the perfect temperature. I closed my eyes in an ill-fated attempt to gather control over my nerves as I listened to the waves crash against one another in their race to the shore.

"Well...what are you waiting for?" Kace asked from beside me.

I took in a deep breath and opened my eyes. Kace was in the process of dropping his boxers. His T-shirt had already been pulled off and tossed to the side, leaving him bare-chested, his body glistening in the moonlight.

He glanced at me as his boxers fell to his ankles in one swift movement.

"Come's not like it’s anything I haven't already seen," he smirked.

He was right, but it wasn't him I was worried about. It was the possibility of others viewing me naked, but also the terrifying sensation of feeling so completely exposed. I closed my eyes and let out a loud sigh as I pulled my tank top up over my head and peeled it off. Glancing around, I dropped it at my feet and then quickly tugged my boy shorts down.

The quicker I could get in that water, the better.

"Damn, that was hot," Kace said.

I glanced at him; he was staring at me with this intense look of lust gleaming in the icy color of his eyes.

  "Yeah right," I said with an overly dramatic eye roll. "Let's go before I lose my nerve and change my mind."

"You don't have to tell me twice," he said as he lunged at me and pulled me toward the water with him at the same time.

"I'm not going out far!" I shouted.

Kace nuzzled his head into the crook of my neck and whispered, "I know, only to your waist...that way I can still see the best parts about you."

I smacked him on the shoulder. "And what does that mean?"

"What? I still wanna see your...eyes.  I'm definitely an eye man." He grinned devilishly.

"That you are," I smirked.

"Seriously though, I know water isn't your favorite thing. Don't worry, I've got you," he said as we continued out just a tad bit more.

I wrapped my arms around him and smiled. "I know."

The water was warmer than I imagined it would be. With the moonlight above and Kace wrapped around me, skinny dipping wasn't nearly as nerve-wracking as I'd anticipated.

Kace leaned down and brushed his lips against mine in the softest of ways. Any anxiety or fear of us being caught evaporated into nothing. He trailed his fingers along my collarbone and I melted into him even more.

"I can't believe we're doing this," I said in between kisses.

"Believe it," Kace muttered as he trailed his warm lips against the hollow of my throat.

"Mmmm, I do...and I can see exactly where this is headed afterward too."

"Was there any doubt as to where something like this would lead?" Kace asked, his tongue skidding along the top of my shoulder.

"Never," I breathed as I gave it to the ambiance of our scenery as well as to what I was feeling in the moment.

This was definitely a moment that would be etched into my memory forever. Skinny dipping, who would have thought?

Sometimes who we really are lies buried just beneath the surface…
 After learning she’s inherited a house in the beachside town of Soul Harbor, Georgia, Addison Harmon and her best friend decided to take a much needed vacation before the pressures of life after high school suffocate them too heavily.
 But what Addison finds isn’t a chance to recoup from a bad break up and hang out with her best friend while she decides what she wants to do with her future. What she finds is Kace Sullivan—a sexy guy she can’t seem to get enough of—someone who with one touch reveals a seductive world full of magick and secrets Addison isn’t sure she’s ready to be a part of.

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Jennifer Snyder lives in North Carolina were she spends most of her time writing new adult and young adult fiction, reading, and struggling to stay on top of housework. She is a tea lover with an obsession for Post-it notes and smooth writing pens. Jennifer lives with her husband and two children, who endure listening to songs that spur inspiration on repeat and tolerate her love for all paranormal, teenage-targeted TV shows.


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