Thursday, March 27, 2014

Search Teaser #1

Only 3 more weeks!

“Don’t take this the wrong way, but my place or yours?”
He got a twinkle in his eyes. “What way would I take that, Casey?”
I shut my eyes tight. I wasn’t supposed to get that shiver when he said my name. Not after what Nelly told me. Not after Jared. Not after finding out the truth. But I did. I reluctantly opened my eyes again.
“Let’s go with mine. It’s more spacious.” His eyes studied me, waiting for my reaction.
We had memories at his place. Recent memories I’d been trying to forget.
“All right.” I tore my eyes from his face. He’d gotten a far off look, and I knew he was thinking about the first kiss. The one that felt more like perfection than any other kiss before or since. 


  1. I want more!!!!!!!! I so can't wait for April 17th I'm loving this series.

  2. Fantastic!! Can't wait for release day! :o)

  3. Awesome! :) I'm so excited! :) I can't wait to read more of *The Empire Chronicles*! Happy Day = Release Day! :) Thank you so much Alyssa, For another Amazing series! :) I love this series! <3 :)

  4. Can you release it sooner? PLEASE!!! lol..i love your writing and this series is excellent