Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Found Teaser!

Hey everyone! I thought I'd mix things up this week, and post a Found teaser. Be sure to check back next week for another Wrecked excerpt and a giveaway! 

Note: I usually don't post teasers from my early drafts, but I figured you guys would like this one. :)

     “Did you girls forget to invite me to the slumber party?” Jared came out of his room in just a pair of boxers.
     Hailey covered her eyes. “Put some clothes on.”
     “No thanks. Are you girls hungry? I want pancakes.”
     “Pancakes? It’s three a.m.”
     “And pancakes don’t taste good at three a.m.?” He grinned.
     “I am kind of hungry…” I admitted.
     “Then come help, princess.”
     I got up, forgetting how little I was wearing.
     “Nice shirt.” He pulled out a griddle and turned it on. “Funny, I thought Levi was wearing it earlier.” 
     “At least I’m wearing more than underwear.”
     “It’s my kitchen. I can wear what I want.”
     I glanced at Hailey. She’d joined us in the kitchen. “And you wonder why I won’t move in?” 


  1. Love it! I want MORE can't wait to read Found! :D

  2. Ahh, Jared...I love that guy! Great teaser!

  3. Thank you! As if I wasn't already waiting to read Found, I am sooo looking forward to it now. I can't get enough of them!

  4. Thanks so much Alyssa! :) I can't wait to read "Found" I love this new Amazing world you created for all of us to read! Great Teaser! You just Got to love Jared! Happy Reading! :)

  5. Thanks!!! I am so wanting this book!!

  6. I want more oh please hurry with the book of what I read its going to be great oh and maybe you can ad another teaser

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  8. Love! Hoping cuz love your readers so much you might just post another teaser!!! : )