Friday, February 22, 2013

Hazards, Wrecked, and Found

I'm super excited to reveal the title of that secret project I've been hinting about. It's called The Hazards of Skinny Dipping, and it's set for a June 11th release! The cover and blurb will be revealed on March 6th. Hazards is a New Adult Romance with a more informal narrator and lots of humor. It's centered around a college freshman, and it's been such a fun book to write.

In other news, I have an official release date for Wrecked. It's coming out on April 30th! I'm excited to share Jake and Emily's story so soon! 

I'll be sending both Wrecked and Hazards off for editing in the next few weeks. Next on the list: write the first draft of Found. I'm seriously excited to get back to Allie and Levi's story. I'll have updates on release dates for my other books soon. 

One last thing. I've had requests for a Team Pteron button. Here you go. 


  1. Awesome can't wait to read them and can't wait to read Wrecked when it come's out!!! :D

  2. Oooohhh I love the button! I'm going to put it on my sidebar now. And of course I'm always excited for new releases!

  3. Yes! Dying to read Wrecked! Can't wait to learn more about Hazards and yay for Team Pteron! :D

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  4. Oh yey! I can't wait to read Wrecked!

  5. How exciting. Such great titles. Good luck with everything.