Sunday, May 20, 2012

Enduring Light

I'm excited to reveal the book description for Enduring Light! I can't believe I'm working on the last book of the Afterglow Trilogy, but I'm looking forward to sharing the final chapter of Charlotte and Kevin's story. I plan to have a cover reveal later this summer.

Fighting darkness takes light.

Desperate to save James, Charlotte scours Energo for answers with Calvin and Liam at her side. Kevin and Samantha head to Alaska to find the one item that might destroy Blake, but the search is only the beginning.

As time runs out, Charlotte and Kevin discover that keeping Energo from eternal darkness will take a sacrifice no one expects.

I also wanted to share an awesome song that Jess from Lover of Paranormal shared with me that reminded her of the series-- and I have to agree with her, it fits it perfectly :)


  1. I am so excited for Enduring Light, even more now with the description! I cannot wait!!

  2. Thanks Chandra! I'm really excited about it but also a little sad to finish the series.

  3. After I read the Afterglow Trilogy, I loved all the characters, the storyline and the settings. I just can't wait for Enduring Light!!! Hope it comes out soon! :)

  4. what is the date that it comes out

    1. Hi Grace. Enduring Light is releasing on August 20th.