Saturday, November 5, 2011

College Basketball

     I admit it. I have only been a fan of Carolina Basketball for a few years.Yeah, I know that two major characters in Beckoning Light have played or are going to play for the Tar Heels, but my time as a fan is embarrassing small. Actually, my time as a fan of college basketball has been short. I only went to a handful of games while in college and grad school but then something happened—I moved to the triangle of North Carolina. I am convinced that it is impossible not to become a fan of the game when you live here, it’s even hard to go to the store during basketball season without someone asking what team you root for. Eventually I got pulled in, even with Carolina failing to make the tournament the first year we were here. Sometimes the place we live manages to change us—it becomes part of the fabric of who we are and once that happens it’s impossible to turn back. So yes, I’m a new fan of the sport, but really who cares, all that really matters is that when the game starts I’ll be yelling Go Tar Heels

Tell me about your favorite team. 


  1. Coming from Missouri, can't help but be a big Mizzou fan. Hoping for a good basketball season.

    M-I-Z-Z-O-U Go Tigers!

  2. I saw this post and had to giggle. I have always loved basketball. Primarily because it is such a fast sport with little to no down time and I do not have time to get bored. When I was younger my favorite team was the LA Lakers. I enjoyed watching their games until all of my friends and family begged me not to watch any longer, because every time I watched and rooted for my team - they lost LOL I was therefore banned from the party on game days. Then when my son was in third grade the kids all wanted to play and no one would volunteer to be the coach - so here is momma Z coaching third grade tikes up and down the basketball court. One of the dads finely stepped in when, despite my best efforts, my son was able to score his first basket in the challenging team's basket . Thank you for bringing back some fond memories and for the fun giveaway opportunity.


  3. Thanks for commenting!

    Denise, that's too funny!

    I hope you enjoy Beckoning Light