Thursday, April 30, 2015

Savor (The Empire Chronicles #4) Release!

Hey everyone! I'm excited to announce that Savor (The Empire Chronicles #4) is available now! I hope you guys enjoy the continuation of Jared and Vera's story!

Jared is Vera's perfect man—until he opens his mouth. An incredible body and set of wings can only go so far when everything he says seems designed to make her mad. Still, she can't deny her intense attraction or the fact that he is the closest thing she has to a friend.

Jared doesn't go for bear shifters, especially ones that are related to his ex, but he can't resist Vera's charm or the way she understands him better than anyone else.

As suspicions build and loyalties are tested, Vera and Jared realize that they may not be able to trust anyone but each other

*New Adult Paranormal Romance*