Thursday, August 29, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions

Hey everyone!

Next week is the cover and description reveal for Soar (The Empire Chronicles #1). I can't wait to start spilling some details about this new Pteron series! Until then, here are some answers to some frequently asked questions.

Will Allie, Levi, and the rest of the gang be part of the Empire Chronicles series?

Yes! All of the major Crescent Characters are in Soar, but the focus is on Toby, Jared, and Casey.

Are the Empire Chronicles a direct continuation of the Crescent Chronicles? Will it have the same feel?

Soar picks up shortly after Found leaves off. Although it will be fun to already know some of the characters, you do not have to have read the Crescent Chronicles to follow the story line.

Like the Crescent Chronicles, the Empire chronicles is a paranormal romance series with a contemporary feel, and it features college age characters.

What other projects are you working on?

I just finished working on another New Adult Contemporary Romance/ Romantic Comedy along similar lines to Hazards. I'll have more details about this book soon.

Is there more to come for the Clayton Falls Series?

Although I don't have plans to put out a new Clayton Falls book anytime in the near future, you may notice a Clayton Falls character in one of my books this next year.

What about Corded?

I do plan to publish Corded. I had to push back the release, but I love the story and definitely still plan to release it.

Is there more for the Afterglow Trilogy, or is it really over?

The Afterglow Trilogy is complete. Although I never say never, I don't have plans for a spin off series anytime soon.

Thanks for all of the support everyone, and be sure to check back for lots of Empire Chronicles updates in the next few weeks!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Time Spell by T.A. Foster Release Day!

Happy release day to T.A. Foster and her debut novel Time Spell! I've had my eye on this supernatural romance, and I can't wait to start reading!

Meet Ivy, a young woman from a small Southern city with an eye for a good mystery, a hot and sexy love she can’t forget and the man of her dreams, just out of reach. Follow Ivy as she struggles to live a “normal life” in the midst of her budding writing career, a whirlwind of love interests, and the magical gifts that she must keep a secret at all costs. Will Ivy be able to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect the people she loves the most?  Time Spell blends suspense, romance, history, and the supernatural together for a riveting novel, impossible to put down.

 To get to know T.A. and Ivy better, I asked her to share a few random things about herself and her main character. 

1) Place in the playoffs of my fantasy football league every year.
2) Took piano lessons/instruction for over 13 years.
3) Before I decided to be a journalist, I wanted to be a scientist. Santa brought me a microscope for Christmas one year.

1) Had never written anything before her first book, Masquerade. 
2) Hates tomatoes.
3) Won her school spelling bee in middle school.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Cover Love: Confined by Jennifer Snyder

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to show off the cover for the third book in the Tethered series by Jennifer Snyder! I've already had the pleasure of reading the final book in this awesome NA Paranormal series, and Confined is fantastic! To celebrate the new cover, I'm gifting a kindle copy of any one of Jennifer Snyder's books. Giveaway open through midnight EST on Monday, August 26th. Just leave your email below to enter. For a complete list of her titles check out her Amazon page: Jennifer Snyder

Sometimes the things in life that seem to confine us most are often the ones that save us…

To Addison Harmon becoming initiated appeared to hold the answers to her every problem—all except what she would do after, when the tether was finally broken. But when the after Addison imagined isn’t the one unfolding before her, she finds herself tangled even further in a web of secrets, lies, and betrayal.

It’s not until Addison is captured by the last person she ever suspected would betray her that she’s forced to rely on herself for survival.

Questions will be answered. Trust will be misplaced. And hearts will be broken.

(New Adult/Mature Young Adult: Contains sexual situations, language, underage drinking, and violence.)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Enduring Light Release!

Hey everyone!

Enduring Light released a few days early and is AVAILABLE NOW! This is a release that fills me with mixed emotions. I'm excited to share the final chapter of the Afterglow with you, but I'm definitely going to miss Charlotte, Kevin and the rest of the gang. Publishing Beckoning Light two years ago changed my life in ways I never imagined. Thank you to everyone who took the journey through the gate into Energo with me and I hope you enjoy Enduring Light!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Enduring Light Teaser #2!

Hey everyone! Enduring Light releases in less than a week, and I decided it was time for a  Kevin teaser. I hope you enjoy it. :)

We pushed open the glass door and stepped into the brutal storm. I anchored Samantha to my side as we made our way up the stairs. Thankfully, our room was only a few doors down. We stumbled inside, closing the door behind us.
I flicked on the lights and took a quick look around the room and the bathroom before locking us in for the night. “So it’s no Ritz Carlton, but it’s better than being out in that storm.”
“Ritz what?”
“Oh, I just mean it’s not fancy.”
“It is fine.” She paused for a second, and I could tell she was deciding whether to say something else.  I waited. I’d learned it was better not to push her. “Thank you for staying with me.”
“Yeah, not really something you have to thank me for. Did you think I’d prefer bunking with Talen?”
She smiled. “Are you ready to sleep, or do you want to clean up first?”
“We should shower. It’s probably going to be a while before we get another chance.” After the words left my mouth, I realized she might think I was implying we do it together. “I mean separately.”
“Of course.” The hint of a smile crossed her lips. “I think I will. Is it a shower like in Alak?”
“Yes. But not as nice. Like I said, this place isn’t fancy.”
“I think I will try it.” She opened her backpack and pulled out a pile of clothes as well as a few bottles that I assumed were shampoo and stuff.
“Have a good shower.” Once the bathroom door closed, I opened the blinds and peered outside. The snow seemed to have picked up more. I stood there for a few minutes watching the swirling snow, then the light flickered. Damn, we were probably going to lose power. No lights and no heat. No lights—Samantha was in the shower.
The water shut off. “Kevin?”
“Yeah, I’m right here,” I answered through the door.
“Are the lights going to go out?”
“You should get your shower done then. You can come in.” I grabbed some clean boxers and tentatively opened the door. She was dressed in only a towel, and I forced myself to avert my eyes even though it was the last thing I wanted to do.
“Have a nice shower.” She gave me a knowing smile before slipping out past me.
I took as fast a shower as possible, half out of fear that the lights would go out and half because I wanted to get back out there with Samantha. She was fully dressed when I walked out, and I enjoyed the look of surprise on her face when she saw I was in just my boxers. Considering what she’d just made me see, she could handle me with my shirt off. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Enduring Light Teaser!

Hey everyone! Enduring Light releases in just 2 weeks! Here's a teaser for those Liam fans out there!

Calvin left, leaving me with an empty feeling. I unrolled my sleeves, tired of having the fabric bunched up on my arms. I heard a splash and looked over to see that Henry and Liam had jumped into the river.
Alarmed, I sat up and yelled, “What are you doing?”
 “We’re cooling off and washing off the sand.” Liam smiled. “Care to join us?” He pulled off his shirt, rinsed it, and tossed it onto the sand.
Henry did the same thing. I wasn’t surprised when they moved onto their pants. I was glad Henry had picked up on our custom of underwear. Seeing him naked wasn’t something I had any interest in.
The offer to join them was one that seemed almost too good to pass up. Hot, sandy, and sticky, I could picture how amazing the water would feel. Still, unlike the guys, I couldn’t just swim in underwear.
Liam seemed to read my thoughts. “Come on, Char. You wear bikinis, don’t you? Your bra isn’t any worse.”
Henry nudged him. “I think Calvin might have a different opinion.”
“And Calvin isn’t here. She’s hot and wants to clean off.”
The water looked so cool, and all the sand was starting to get uncomfortable. After another moment’s hesitation, I gave in to the sheer need for relief.  “Can you guys turn around?”
 “Sure.” They both turned away.
Liam was right about the bikini thing, but that felt different. A bikini was supposed to be worn in public. A white cotton bra—not so much.
“No peeking.” I slipped off my boots then stripped off my shirt and pants. I brought my clothes down to the edge of the water to rinse them out.
Henry laughed. “No offense, Charlotte, but I have no desire to see you naked, or to deal with Calvin if I did.”
“I’m not naked!” I quickly submerged myself in the river. The water immediately cooled me off.
Liam turned. “Not completely.” His eyes zeroed in on what he could see of my chest above the water line.
“Swimming in my clothes would defeat the purpose of cleaning up.”
Liam smiled. “I don’t have a problem with it.” He joked around a lot but not usually about my lack of clothing. He treaded water next to me. “So you never told us, what did the message from Ruth say?”
“What do you mean I never told you? I told you we had to look in the swamps.”
“That’s all she said?” Liam asked skeptically. “That would be a really short message.”
“Some things should stay between Essences.”
Henry grinned. “Yeah, I am certain that is what happened.”
I rolled my eyes. “You’ve gotten mighty sure of yourself since I first met you, Henry Ashwell. Don’t forget I have powers.”
“Powers you cannot use right now.”
“It would be easy to do—”
Liam swam over closer to me. “Are you threatening us?”
“Me? Would I ever threaten someone?”
Henry splashed me. “You threaten Kevin all the time.”
I splashed him back before pulling the leather tie out of my hair. I leaned back to get my hair wet. “That’s because he’s my brother. You and I are not related.” 
Liam moved behind me. “Do you need help?”
“Help with what?”
“Your hair. You have a lot of sand in it.” Without waiting for an answer, he took my hair in his hands and started to wash out some of the sand.
There was something so intimate about the action that it made me nervous. I jerked away slightly. “I can do it myself.”
“There’s no reason to.” His voice was soft, almost like a whisper.
“Thanks.” I couldn’t deny that it felt good to have Liam so close. What was wrong with me? I turned to pull away from him “You have to stop.”
As soon as the words left my mouth, his lips claimed mine. His kiss was demanding, passionate, and needy. I needed to break the contact, but I couldn’t. It was almost like our first kiss—supernatural—but twisted up in it was desire that neither of us could control. The kiss got more intense, and even though my brain yelled at me, the power was too strong.