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Authors Tell All: M. Leighton

Hey everyone! This week on Authors Tell All I'm excited to have M. Leighton visiting with a sexy skinny dipping scene from The Wild Ones!

**MATURE CONTENT ADVISORY: May not be suitable for younger readers**

Passion as hot as midnight in the South and love as wild as the horses they tame.

Camille “Cami” Hines is the darling daughter of the South’s champion thoroughbred breeder, Jack Hines. She has a pedigree that rivals some of her father’s best horses. Other than feeling a little suffocated at times, Cami thought she was pretty happy with her boyfriend, her life and her future. 

But that was before she met Patrick Henley.

“Trick” blurs the lines between what Cami wants and what is expected of her. He’s considered the “help,” which is forbidden fruit as far as her father is concerned, not to mention that Trick would be fired if he ever laid a hand on her. And Trick needs his job. Desperately. His family depends on him.

The heart wants what the heart wants, though, and Trick and Cami are drawn to each other despite the obstacles. At least the ones they know of.

When Trick stumbles upon a note from his father, it triggers a series of revelations that could ruin what he and Cami have worked so hard to overcome. It turns out there’s more to Trick’s presence at the ranch than either of them knew, secrets that could tear them apart.

Here's the scene!

          I can’t help but be a little worried that my dick is making decisions I really shouldn’t be going along with. Even as we’re walking up to the main house, I’m telling myself this is a mistake, that if we get caught and Jack finds out, I’ll be out on my ass. And that would be a disaster. But still, I follow Cami through the wrought iron gate that surrounds the pool.
            She walks around the pool to the shallow end and stops. I stop beside her and we wait for Jenna and Rusty to catch up. They’re giggling and whispering the whole way.
            From the corner of my eye, I see Cami fidget. At first, it appears to be a nervous thing. But when I glance at her, she looks at me and smiles. It’s a bright smile. Bright and …excited, which makes me think it’s not all bad nerves. In fact, it makes me twitch a little in my jeans, which is never a good thing when I’m getting ready to strip down in front of mixed company.
            Without even pausing, Jenna pulls her shirt over her head then reaches for Rusty’s. While they’re all wrapped up in removing each other’s clothes, I turn more toward Cami.
            “Are you sure you’re up for this?”
            She takes a deep breath and grins at me. “Yep. You?”
            I nod. “Yep.”
            She puts one small hand on my arm and looks me in the eye. “It’ll be fine, you know. Drogheda would never tell on me, so you don’t need to worry, okay?”
            She’s worrying about me worrying? Now I feel bad for telling her how important this job is.
            “I’m not worried,” I assure her. “I trust you.”
            Her smile is sweet and pleased and it makes me want to kiss her. Hell, everything she does makes me want to kiss her.
            “Good. You should.”
            As if she’s making her point, Cami takes a few steps back and pulls her shirt over her head. She does it quickly and then holds it in front of her and waits. That’s my cue to shed a piece of clothing, too.
            In the brightness of the full moon, I can see her eyes twinkling devilishly. She’s so coy. So damned adorably coy.
            God, it would be so much fun to have her all to myself for one night. Just one night. Maybe that would be enough to get her out of my system.
            “All right then, Mr. Rock Hard Abs, show me what you got,” she demands teasingly.
            She doesn’t have to ask me twice! Grabbing a handful of shirt behind my neck, I pull it over my head. But I throw mine on one of the white lounge chairs, upping the ante a little. Her eyes flicker down my chest and stomach. My muscles tighten. I see her gaze drop lower then hurry back to my face. She’s curious. She wants to look, she wants to see what’s under my jeans, but she’s trying not to show it. I bite back a groan.
            What I wouldn’t give to carry her off to someplace more private…
            Slowly, she pulls her arms away from her chest and holds her shirt out by her fingertips then drops it onto a chair. I have to clamp my lips shut to keep my mouth from dropping open when I see the little purple scrap of lace that’s covering the most perfectly firm flesh I think I’ve ever seen. I can even see the outline of her nipples. The fact that they’re hard makes me want to squirm.
            When I look up at her face, she isn’t smiling anymore. Her expression looks like I feel—hot and bothered and about as close as I’ve ever come to ripping someone’s clothes off.
            She isn’t moving. She’s just staring at me. Like, right at me. Her eyes aren’t leaving mine. And there’s something about the intensity of her look that makes me feel like some kind of animal.
            Just to tease her, I bend down and pull off my boots, kicking them to the side. My socks follow. I see her lips curve and she kicks off her own shoes and gives them a nudge. Then she’s watching me again, all serious and…hungry. It’s like we both know we’re getting down to business. And that excites me.
            I reach for the button of my jeans and I pop it loose. Her eyes drop to my hands and I slowly slide the zipper down. My jeans hang a little on my hips, so when I let them go, they fall into a heap around my ankles. I step out of them and straighten to watch her look me over.
            Her eyes start at my bare feet and move slowly up my calves and thighs. My balls tighten when she gets to my crotch. Her eyes stay there for a lot longer than what they should. It makes my pulse pick up speed.
            Holy shit, that’s hot!
            “I guess it’s a good thing I wore underwear today,” I say glibly, anything to break the tension. I’m not sure how much more I can take of Cami’s teasing torture and still act like a responsible adult.
            Her eyes fly to my face and her mouth drops open. “You don’t normally?”
            I shake my head. Even in the silvery light of the moon, I can see her cheeks darken. I know she’s blushing.
            “Tonight is not a good night for you to be doing stuff like that.”
            “Stuff like what?” she asks, a little breathlessly, which also turns me on.
            “Stuff like looking me over as if you wanna lick every square inch of me and then blushing about it. It’s taking every bit of willpower I have and then some not to come over there and kiss you.”
            “But you don’t want to do that.” I don’t know if it’s a statement or a question.
            “Hell yeah I want to! But I can’t. I shouldn’t.”
            “I know. And I admire you for your…restraint.”
            Before she even finishes the sentence, she’s biting her lip and tugging on the zipper to her shorts. She wiggles her thumbs under the waistband and shimmies her hips back and forth. But slowly, like she’s actually doing a strip tease. My mouth goes completely dry as I watch the material make its way down her slim legs.
            When her shorts are pooled around her ankles, she steps out of them and flings them away. I notice she jacks her chin up a notch, like she’s not used to being on display but she’s determined to be cool about it. That makes it even sexier in my opinion.
            The triangle of lace between her legs matches her bra. I don’t really much care either way. I’m as much a fan of white cotton as I am of sexy lingerie. I don’t pay any of it a lot of attention. I’m much more interested in what’s underneath.
            Cami is built perfectly. At first I’m surprised that, with a body like that—long legs, tight stomach, curvy hips, narrow waist, awesome rack—she doesn’t wear more revealing clothes. But then, when I think of her personality, of what she’s really like, I’m not surprised at all. I’d say she’s picky about who sees her like this, and the fact that she saves it for a few select people makes me want her that much more.
            “You do realize you’re perfect, right?”
            She looks down, letting her hair fall forward to hide her face. But not before I see the smile of pure pleasure pulling at her lips. I can’t help but wonder what things are like with that boyfriend of hers. Doesn’t he tell her how beautiful she is? Doesn’t he know how lucky he is to have a girl like this? To touch her whenever he wants to, probably with her daddy’s blessing?
            Those thoughts bring a very unwelcome dark cloud to the night, so I put them out of my mind and make a point to keep things light. For both our sakes.
            “Now, are you getting in or am I gonna have to throw you in?”
            She looks confused at first, but then I see her face light up when she captures the mischief of the night.
            That’s more like it.
            Although it works to relieve the tension, in my head I know all she has to do is move the wrong way or touch me the right way and my rock hard willpower will crumble like day old bread.

About M. Leighton:

I was born and raised in the United States, and I’ve lived in several of the fabulous fifty. Though I currently live in the deep South, I spent much of my childhood up North and hope to return there one day. A few other things about me: I believe that sometimes you have to look really, REALLY hard to find the good in people, but it's there. I believe that I'm shrinking (I swear five years ago I was two inches taller). I believe my husband is quite possibly one of the most amazing men in the entire world (I can't be sure because I haven't met all of them). I believe coffee and chocolate, when combined, could be the basis for world peace. I believe that Jesus rocks and communism doesn’t. I believe that white makes me look fat and black collects lint. I believe summer's too hot, winter's too cold and fall was made for football. I like dogs better than cats and the first movie in a trilogy is invariably the best. But most of all, I believe that love conquers all.

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A Matter of Heart by Heather Lyons: Release Day and Guest Post!

Hey everyone, 
Today I'm excited to have Heather Lyons back on the blog. In case you missed it, you can check out her Authors Tell All skinny dipping post here. Today is the release day for A MATTER OF HEART, and she's got a post on cliffhangers.

Cliffhangers—They leave us hangin’ (in a good way—no, really!).

As both a voracious reader as well as a writer, one thing that I’ve noticed over the years that’s sure to rile up fans is a cliffhanger ending. Personally, I’ve agonized over such when I’ve encountered them in stories. How, I’ve raged both silently and out loud to my poor husband afterwards, can the author do this to me? I must have answers! How can they just leave me like this for MONTHS (or, worse yet, a year to years!)?


The answer is: not easily. Or, at least that’s my perspective having just utilized this timeworn literary plot device myself. When writing A Matter of Heart, the second book in my urban fantasy/romance Fate series, I knew that certain things had to happen to carry the story and the characters forward. But, in order to do that, I ended up having to enact something that has personally left me distraught and annoyed toward authors for years: I left my own readers with a cliffhanger-ish ending. It wasn’t done lightly. I didn’t cackle when I got to the end, rubbing my hands together like a villainous authoress. Instead, I came to the decision after much careful consideration on what would be the most authentic ending I could craft for this story. And even still, I’ve already heard from dear readers rightly demanding some ‘splaining on my end.


Why is it we have such strong reactions to cliffhangers? Is it just that the unknown is unnerving, especially when answers do not come quickly? I watched another author get roasted earlier in the year when they left their book with a cliffhanger ending, even though the next book in the series is less than a year away. Some readers were incensed, and it made me wonder if we, as readers, feel that we are owed the answers we want right away. There’s always that old-age adage that says good things come to those who wait, but anyone who has ever read a cliffhanger ending knows that that’s a whole lotta bull because ANSWERS ARE NEEDED and they’re needed NOW or it will drive a person insane with the What Ifs and the How Comes.

And yet, for all of our self-righteous anger (which, as I’ve admitted above, I partake in myself as a reader!), the truth is . . . those cliffhanger endings ensure we come back to find out the answers we crave. It’s truly a rare book (or movie) that I’d consider abandoning because I’m too upset to go on. Instead, I’ll vent, I’ll stalk the ‘net for spoilers, hints, clues—anything I can get my hands on, and then when the book comes out, I’ll dig right back in because I won’t be able to help myself. There are answers that must be found, and I’ve waited long enough, thank you very much.

Because in the end, I think we all sort of love to hate cliffhangers. After all, they give us that bit opportunity to live a little longer in the worlds we inhabit in books as we obsess over just what it is we must know.

The End
. . . or is it?

No longer in high school, Chloe Lilywhite is now living and working in Annar, the Magicals' city-state plane of existence. Since moving, she's joined the Council, gone on missions with the Guard, moved into her own apartment, and enrolled at the University of Annar. Plus, she's happily engaged to be married to Jonah Whitecomb, the literal man from her dreams, not to mention her Connection. While she still struggles with aspects of her craft, Chloe feels like she's finally coming into her own, especially after a difficult year that had her questioning nearly everything in her life.

After a brutal attack by the Elders, her life is turned upside down once more. Accusations fly throughout the Council and Guard, forcing Chloe to confront her worst fears about what's she's capable of as a Creator. And then there's the matter of Kellan Whitecomb, Jonah's twin brother and Chloe's ex, who resurfaces after disappearing months before. Although Chloe chose Jonah, and despite their best efforts, the two find it hard to stay away from one another.

But no matter what Fate throws at her, Chloe is determined to take charge of her life, even as it begins to spiral out of control.

A MATTER OF HEART is book 2 in the Fate Series, a mature Young Adult/New Adult fantasy.
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Found eARC giveaway!

Hey everyone! Found releases in just about 3 weeks, and I thought it would be fun to do an e-ARC giveaway. Comment below with the name of your favorite Pteron, and I'll pick 3 winners from at 9:00 PM eastern tonight. Be sure to check back at nine, because if you win I'll send it tonight!

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Authors Tell All: Amy Evans

Hey everyone! Today on Authors Tell all I have Amy Evans here with a skinny dipping scene with characters from CLICKS! A YA version of this scene appears in the book.  :)
  Diving through moonlit waves, we rushed beyond the break to where the clicks and whistles sounded loudest.  The beach had been closed for too long for my liking and I’d felt desperate to swim with the dolphins again. We paused to get our bearings when I felt a bump on my hip that made me jump.

            I laughed and shot water at Blake, sure it was he who had nudged me. But he was too far to reach.      He splashed back and I felt the bump again.

            Looking down, I saw the bright dolphin with the albino skin. She’d come to find us, and brought the large grey one that we’d seen last week.  I could tell who he was because of the zigzag scar on his dorsal fin.

The dolphins were in the best mood.  They made bubbles big enough for us to swim through.  They bumped us together until we kissed, and joined us on surface, flipping and jumping  high every time we needed air.     As we swam further from land, we found more of the pod and began swimming faster and further out to sea. 

Underwater, the differences between various dolphins looked more obvious to me:  their slight distinctions in color and shape, their swimming styles, distinct personalities.      In the beginning, I had held on to her fins to cover the long distances.  Then I caught her slipstream like I had on First Night, but this time I remembered to come up for air when I needed to.

            When we got so far that I couldn’t see the lights on land, I began to worry. As if she knew how I was feeling, she made some noises, slipped underwater, and started swimming back toward land. Blake and the dolphin he’d been swimming with did the same thing.

            Fifty feet from land, she stopped suddenly, and I came up to breathe. Blake did the same thing.      We weren’t actually close to Pinhold proper, but by the  old lighthouse. Built on a rocky ledge, it had been part of the Island until an earthquake had pulled it away.

            “I’ve never been over here,” I said, almost reverently, surprised that breathing came easy even after such a fast swim.

            “Me, either,” Blake said, shaking his head. “And I have tried,” he admitted. Adamantly off limits, the riptides surrounding it were the worst around Pinhold. Until this summer, the last two drowning deaths had happened right there.

            My dolphin nudged me deeper into the water and led me closer to the structure, stopping in front of what looked like a door. Blake caught my eye and motioned that he saw it, too. He pointed to a small porthole window and we swam over that way.  We surfaced, took    huge breaths and dunked under the water.   The space inside was filled with small, blinking lights. Nothing moved, which came as a bit of a relief.   Blake swam back toward the door and gave a tug on the handle.     Immediately, the water flooded with light and an alarm blasted.          

 My dolphin shook her head, as if trying to shut the noise out. Even with the visible discomfort, she did not  swim away.  She pushed in between Blake and me and rubbed her fins against us until we got the hint. When we each grabbed one, she took off at a terrifying speed, leaving the male dolphin at the lighthouse as a look out.

            In a furious flash of fins and waves, Blake and I found landed ten feet from my dock, treading water in the bay, out of breath.    Blake and the dolphin both appeared affected as well.  It felt like we’d just escaped from a crime scene.

 My dolphin had saved me again and I felt the connection between us growing stronger even as I watched her swim away.  My feelings for Blake had expanded exponentially as well. 

            “I’d doubt my sanity right now if you were not with me,” I said, looking over at him.

            “I still can’t believe we found that. It looked like some sort of lab to me,” Blake said. I nodded in agreement.

            “It figures the Doc had a secret lair underwater,” I said, giggling a little bit. I knew we needed to sort out what we had seen, but at the moment my brain couldn’t handle it. On emotional and physical overload, I needed something to ground me.  I moved towards Blake, desperate to touch him. Right then, nothing else was important.

             His dark clothes hid nothing.  Soaking wet, his black tee clung to every muscle in his arms and chest.  My own tank and shorts clung to me like a wetsuit.  Every nerve in my body felt exposed between the tight fabric and Blake’s heated gaze.

            Fear and flight had turned into a need for more adrenaline, a need to see and feel more of Blake.

“Dare me?” I asked, pulling up the edge of my tank. He ripped of his shirt in a flash of black and nodded at me.  

“Definitely,” he said, watching, as I slowly took off everything I had on top. He bit his lip, and put a hand on the band of his board shorts, raising the stakes again.

I nodded. “On three,”  I said, counting slowly.   In the exact same instant, we both took off our bottoms and threw our clothes on the dock. We swam towards each other so fast that a big wave that crashed around us as my lips finally met his.  The breeze and water couldn’t cool my heated skin; the only thing that brought any relief was moving against him. I wrapped my legs around his waist seeking friction, connection, just simply more of him. I knew he had enough strength and skill to hold us both up. So I let him, and forgot about everything else.
Clicks – When you just know. 
Born and bred to win, Cami’s family expects her to join a secret society called The Guard, marry one of the two identical twin boys next door, and stay on Pinhold Island for the rest of her life. But she has other plans: work beach patrol, win the Surf Carnival and get a sponsor so that she can leave Pinhold to compete in international surf rescue competitions and see the world.   
Home to epic waves, black sand beaches, and the world-famous Surf Carnival, Pinhold Island is regularly voted the top surf spot in the country. People come from all over the world to ride the waves or just relax in the natural beauty and rejuvenating water.    While visitors are jealous of the few hundred people who get to live there, sixteen year old Cami feels stifled and trapped by her small community and her family's expectations.  Thanks to the intense link she shares with her twin brother Mica, she can't even be alone with her thoughts. As decedents of the ten families who originally settled on Pinhold, Cami and Mica are part of a new generation of extreme surf lifeguards who are expected to earn invitations into The Guard.  
But a seemingly small injury  knocks her out of the first event and turns her summer upside down.  It's suddenly impossible for Cami to resist the magnetic attraction to Blake, one of the twins next door; the one she's never been interested in. Just as the Surf Carnival competition starts to heat up, the best swimmers start to drown. Pulled  to the ocean floor, they're found barely  alive , stuck in unexplainable comas. When Mica goes down too, Cami can no longer wait for those in charge to figure out how to help him.  To save the lives of her brother and their friends, Cami must ignore what she sees and what she's told, and instead must learn to trust the clicks, her instincts, that help her find the truth in heart even when it goes against everything her brain thinks it knows.

About Amy:
Amy Evans is a wife, mother, ocean lover and storyteller. She's created multi-platform mobile apps, social media games, and interactive story worlds for HIPnTASTY, a company she co-founded in 2001.  She loves dolphins, aliens and pugs, and sometimes writes for so long they all look like the same thing.  Clicks is her debut novel about instincts, a Surf Carnival, an endless summer and the hottest beach patrol on the California coast.   Clicks are truths you can feel, the sounds that the universe makes when it warns you that your world is about to change forever. If you listen to them, you get on the wave before it crests; control your path, surf into your destiny. If you ignore them, the wave crashes around you, and you try desperately not to drown.
Author Goodreads:

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Found Excerpt #2!

Hey everyone. Found releases in just four weeks! Here's another excerpt!

A knock on the door let me know Levi was there already. I opened it, stepping back to let him in.
“You—you look—” He appeared awe struck.
“Are you actually speechless?”
He nodded. “Almost. You look amazing.” He reached out for my hands. “Absolutely amazing.”
“You look great, too.” He did. I loved how his tux fit him perfectly. It was charcoal gray with a vest—a different look for him, and it worked just like all the others.
“Not like you.” He let go of one of my hands so he could twirl me around. “I really don’t want to leave this room, but I’ll admit I do want to show you off.”
“I hope I don’t embarrass myself.”
“Why would you? You look incredible. All you have to do is smile and be yourself.”
“Everyone’s going to be sizing me up, trying to see if you picked the right mate.” It was easy to forget that as far as anyone else knew, Levi had just randomly found a mate.
“Oh, I picked the right mate.” He leaned over and kissed me lightly. “I want to do a whole lot more than that, but I’ll probably be killed if I mess up your hair and makeup.”
“Probably. We should go anyway. Everyone’s waiting.”
“Ready, my love?” He held out his arm.
I linked my arm with his. “Ready.”
We kissed again in the elevator, and the kiss promised that there would be a lot more to follow later. 

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Cover Reveal: Conjure by Jennifer Snyder

Hi, everyone! Today I'm excited to share with you the cover of Conjure by Jennifer Snyder!

Available July 1, 2013
Sometimes to understand the present you have to conjure up the past...

The last thing Addison Harmon needed was to become tethered to the broody, often seemingly cold, Theo Van Rooyen, but that's exactly what happened.

Forced to partner up with Theo to figure out a way to break the tether, Addison soon realizes she may have bitten off more than she can chew.

(New Adult/Mature Young Adult: Contains sexual situations, language, underage drinking, and drug usage.)

Jennifer Snyder lives in North Carolina were she spends most of her time writing new adult and young adult fiction, reading, and struggling to stay on top of housework. She is a tea lover with an obsession for Post-it notes and smooth writing pens. Jennifer lives with her husband and two children, who endure listening to songs that spur inspiration on repeat and tolerate her love for all paranormal, teenage-targeted TV shows.

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Inkslinger PR Signed Book Giveaway!

Awesome Contemporary Romance giveaway opportunity! One winner will receive eight signed books (including Hazards). Check out the Rafflecopter below to enter.

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Authors Tell All: Heather Lyons

Hi everyone! This week on Authors Tell all, Heather Lyons is here with a steamy skinny dipping excerpt from the soon to be released A Matter of Heart. This is the second book in a fantastic Mature YA/NA fantasy romance series. Oh and just so you know, Jonah is one half of a set of hot twins. Definitely a series for any of you love triangle fans! If you haven't had a chance to read book 1 (A Matter of Fate), now is a great time. It's on sale for .99 cents! A Matter of Fate-Amazon

Here's the excerpt! :)

The water at night is still warm, like a bath. I don’t let myself worry about things like sharks (Jonah swears he’s never seen one around the house once) or the lack of bathing suits. I’ll admit I was a bit nervous jumping buck-naked from the deck, but I figured, sometimes life is too short to worry so much. And goodness knows, I do my fair share of worrying.

“I love this place,” I tell him, and he chuckles. Thankfully, over the last day, with much teasing and kissing on my end, Jonah is acting a bit more like his old self.

            “You say that about every place.”

            “I guess that’s true. It’s the toddler traveler in me; every new place is exciting and interesting.”

            His lips curve in a smirk. “Toddler traveler?”

            I splash water at him. “You know what I mean.”

            “Okay, toddler traveler—tell me the place you want to see the most.”

            I think about this a moment, allowing myself to bob with the gentle waves that crash against the house’s pillars. “Rome.”

            “You realize we’ve been to Rome, right?”

             “I know. But you asked. As for places I’ve never been, maybe Paris. I used to imagine going there with you when we were . . . maybe thirteen? I thought you could be a prince, and I’d be a commoner that you fell in love with and we’d live in Versailles.”

            He bursts out laughing. And then, gently as one of his feet stokes my leg, “If anything, you’re the princess and I’m the commoner.”

            Yeah, right. “Your turn.” I nudge him with my foot. “Where do you want to go?”


“Why Nepal?”

            “Why not?”

            “It’s not very romantic,” I offer.

            “Travel isn’t always about romance,” he says, brushing aside a wet strand of my hair. “Sometimes it’s about growth.”

            “And in Nepal you think you’d find growth?”

            “I do.”

            “We should go then.”

            His dimple deepens and my limbs go weak. “Alright,” he says. “We’ll go to Nepal.”

            “And Paris.”

            He grins. “And Paris.”

“And Rome.”

He pulls me closer until our bodies are flush against one another. “Oh, most certainly Rome.” Our lips brush lightly. “And every other single place we want to go. We’ll have almost two hundred years to hit them all.”

            I want him so much right now it’s painful.

            “So you like this place,” he murmurs in my ear before our lips meet again. He holds us up, strong swimmer he is.

            “No,” I sigh against his mouth. “I love it.”

            His lips travel to my neck. “Because it’s beautiful?”

            I can feel how much he wants me, too. I reach down and graze my fingers against the length of him; he gasps, and I can’t help but thrill that my touch can do that to him. “Because I’m here with you.”

            Our mouths come together, over and over; his fingers slide across my belly, lower and lower, until I’m the one to gasp into his mouth. I’m having trouble staying afloat, but this time, it’s not because I’m drowning in sorrow, it’s because I’m literally so weak in the knees I can’t keep kicking and thinking at the same time. We need to get up on the deck. Now.

            “Uh, yeah. Excuse me?”

            ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

            We break apart and find a guy standing on the deck, leaning over the railing. He’s holding a pizza box, practically leering. I can’t believe we forgot we ordered pizza earlier.

            “I tried knocking; when nobody answered, I came around the side. You two look like you’ve worked up an appetite, huh?

             Dying. Absolutely dying of mortification right now. Also, why is the universe so conspired against me seducing Jonah?

            Jonah laughs under his breath and presses his forehead against mine for a brief second. “Yeah. Just. Can you wait for us at the front of the house?”

            I’m uneasy with the guy’s blatant staring, but Jonah makes it so he loses interest and wanders away. But our magical moment has already slipped through our fingers.


No longer in high school, Chloe Lilywhite is now living and working in Annar, the Magicals' city-state plane of existence. Since moving, she's joined the Council, gone on missions with the Guard, moved into her own apartment, and enrolled at the University of Annar. Plus, she's happily engaged to be married to Jonah Whitecomb, the literal man from her dreams, not to mention her Connection. While she still struggles with aspects of her craft, Chloe feels like she's finally coming into her own, especially after a difficult year that had her questioning nearly everything in her life.
 After a brutal attack by the Elders, her life is turned upside down once more. Accusations fly throughout the Council and Guard, forcing Chloe to confront her worst fears about what's she's capable of as a Creator. And then there's the matter of Kellan Whitecomb, Jonah's twin brother and Chloe's ex, who resurfaces after disappearing months before. Although Chloe chose Jonah, and despite their best efforts, the two find it hard to stay away from one another.
 But no matter what Fate throws at her, Chloe is determined to take charge of her life, even as it begins to spiral out of control.
 A MATTER OF HEART is book 2 in the Fate Series, a mature Young Adult/New Adult fantasy, and is due out June 25, 2013.

About Heather:

Heather Lyons has always had a thing for words—She’s been writing stories since she was a kid. In addition to writing, she’s also been an archaeologist and a teacher. Heather is a rabid music fan, as evidenced by her (mostly) music-centric blog, and she’s married to an even larger music snob. They’re happily raising three kids who are mini music fiends who love to read and be read to.